Benefits of cleaning services

Prevents allergic crises due to mites, fungi and bacteria
Decreases microorganisms that can harm your body
Keeps your immunity always high
Decreases respiratory illness such as rhinitis, sinusitis and asthma.
Promotes mental health

Make your home more organized
Improves professional productivity
Optimize your time to be better used with your family
Increases performance at home office work

With an organized and clean house, you can enjoy more time with your families
Increased quality time with your kids
Brings the family closer together

Best cost-benefit ratio in the market
Affordable value
Qualified professionals
Personalized service for your home

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Why Choose Us

We Will Make Absolutely Any Place Clean, Neat & Tidy.

Our company has a competent and specialized team, with knowledge and agility in the cleaning sector, that not only guarantees the high quality but also the reliability of our services.

Standard Cleaning

  • A cleaning indicated to keep your house clean. 

Services offered:

  • Dust removal from all accessible surfaces
  • Full bathrooms
  • Kitchen: counter cleaning, inside microwave and sink.
  • Vacuum on all floor
  • Mop on all floor

Important notes:

  • We do not do laundry services
  • We don't wash dishes. Please leave the sink empty
  • If you need extra services, please add

Other services not listed on request

Deep Cleaning

  • A deeper cleaning, suitable for houses that are very dirty. Or as a first cleaning for those who are going to make a Standard contract.

Services offered: All services described in Standard Cleaning adding the following services:

  • Ceiling Fans
  • Lamps
  • Internal windows and glass
  • Air inlets and exhausts
  • External part of bathroom and kitchen cabinets
  • top of the fridge
  • footers

Important notes:

Services performed in accessible areas, not including removal of furniture. If you need extra services, please add other services not listed on request.

Move in/ Move out

  • A thorough cleaning, with an empty house, no furniture.

Services offered: All services described in Deep Cleaning adding the following services:

  • inside the fridge
  • inside the oven
  • Inside the kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • sweep garage


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